We all know you can clip coupons and some realize you can sell coupons but did you know you can save money buying coupons on Ebay? Yes and a lot of money. I am not talking a few dollars I am talking hundreds. In fact, I have a list of resources I like to check out before I purchase any big items and Ebay is on top of the list. Naturally I like to find coupons for free first but that isn’t always an option. Thankfully our options keep opening up so we can continue to save money. However, if you feel weary about some of your options, like buying coupons on Ebay, let me share 3 stories with you to help.

Coupons I Have Bought on Ebay to Save Money

I have bought many coupons on Ebay and have saved thousands over the years by doing so. I will give you 3 examples of coupons I have bought on Ebay and the amount of money I spent on the coupon and the money I saved from using the coupon I purchased. To make this story more interesting you will notice the savings increase as the stories unfold.

Coupon 1 – I Bought a Wayfair Coupon on Ebay

I love Wayfair and I love saving money so when I had to buy a coffee table on Wayfair I searched for a 10% off coupon on Ebay. Surprisingly there were tons of people selling them so I chose the best Ebayer based off of his/her score and bought a 10% off Wayfair coupon. Here are the financial details.

  • Wayfair Coffee Table – $207.99
  • Wayfair Coupon on Ebay – $1.89
  • Total Savings from 10% off Wayfair Coupon $18.90

The Wayfair coffee table savings might not sound like a lot but if you buy enough coupons to save money from your medium to large purchases you will notice the savings add up over the years.

Coupon 2 – I Bought a Best Buy Coupon on Ebay

I needed to buy a new computer late last year and so I cringed at the thought of having to dish out a lot of money for a new computer. However, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and make the big purchases. So, I searched high and low for a computer that was going to accommodate my needs. The total was $1699.00. Ouch is right.

Luckily there was a holiday sale going on at that time and so purchasing a coupon on Ebay was just what I needed to ease the financial blow a bit more. Best Buy sells computers and Ebay sells Best Buy coupons. That marriage was all I needed to know to save money buying a Best Buy coupon on Ebay. Here are the financial details.

  • iMac Computer – $1699.00
  • Best Buy 10% off Coupon on Ebay – $1.99
  • 10% off President’s Day Savings – $169.00
  • Total Savings from 10% off Best Buy Coupon – $153.00

The total cost of the computer was $1377.80 which is a a lot less than spending $17gs. Like I said above I got lucky with the holiday sale but saving an additional $153 was totally worth the $2 cost of the coupon. Even if the Ebayer would have scammed me my risk to reward was extremely low so I bought the Best Buy coupon on Ebay and happily continue to use the computer to type posts like this one I am writing today.

Coupon 3 – I Bought a Home Depot Coupon on Ebay

Last summer we were looking to redo our old rotten deck. The deck was so bad my son had gotten 4 splinters over the course of 2 months. I didn’t want to spend the money but my family’s health and well being always come first so I dug into my wallet and hired someone to redo my deck.

When I hired my contractor from Thumbtack (a great site to save money hiring contractors) I negotiated a deal that allowed me to purchase the materials and have it shipped directly to my house. The materials for my deck were $4635.00. Ouch once again. However, Home Depot always has sales and discounts so I searched as hard as I could. For the first time in history I couldn’t find any significant sales/discounts so I turned to Ebay and bought a coupon. Here are the financial details.

  • Deck Material – $4635.00
  • Home Depot 10% off Coupon on Ebay – $19.99
  • Savings – $200.00 (Maximum Savings allowed)
  • Total Savings from 10% off Home Depot Coupon – $180.01

I saved $180.01 just for buying a coupon on Ebay. Unfortunately there was a limit to the savings that Home Depot was going to reward for the coupon but who doesn’t want to save $180! That was a rhetorical question because I know we all do.

Where Else Can I Find Coupons if Ebay Doesn’t Have What I Want

ALFC means always look for coupons. If you can’t find a coupon on Ebay then I would suggest checking out other sources to get the savings you deserve.

Here are some of the best places to look:

  • Coupon Books
  • Craigslist
  • Amazon
  • Facebook (Company Page)
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • In the Store
  • Friends & Family
  • Email the Company Directly & Ask for Coupons

Do you remember what ALFC means? Right! Always look for coupons. And yes ask the company directly if they have any coupons. You can even join their mailing list as that sometimes gets you a 10% coupon as an incentive for signing up.

Final Thoughts

I always like to remind people to be careful not to overspend. Many people get tempted to make in store purchases because companies like dangling discounts in front of their customers as they shop. Resist that urge and go home to do your coupon homework. You might be surprised at what you can find and more importantly the amount of money you can save.