Is coupon use rising in 2017? I think about that from time to time because the truth about coupons and the people who use them are topics that are increasingly being discussed. I also always ask myself why people continue to pay more for items they can get for less with a simple coupon. With that said, couponing is on the rise and there is statistical proof to back it up. The study is called the Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report and it shows that coupon use is on the rise in some interesting groups of people. Now it’s true that case studies can be a bit long winded and boring but I have clipped out (pun intended) the meat and potatoes portion of the study to help save a little time and energy.

Coupon Use Rising 2017


Image Source: Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report

According to the Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report, “Coupon use remains high overall, with 90% of consumers reporting they use them.” That number is the same from 2016 which is great news all in all as the numbers haven’t dropped. Generation X and Baby Boomers saw a slight decrease in coupon use from 2016 but the one sector that makes me excited the most is the Millennials. According to the study, there was a 6% jump in coupon reported usage among the ever so popular Millennials. In fact, in 2016 they reported 88% compared to 94% in 2017.

Let’s make this clear. All groups are important and naturally I would love to see the Baby Boomers and Generation X groups use more coupons but the Millennials are the future. They are the new Baby Boomers and Generation X. Their influence on the world is growing daily and it won’t stop until the new group of people (name not yet decided) come into their own. Hopefully their influence can spark new interest in coupon usage for 2018 and beyond.

Making Purchasing Decisions

Interestingly more and more people are researching, usually at home, before making decisions to buy consumer goods. I know I do and I know a ton of people who do as well. Interestingly, “45% of shoppers make their decisions at home, while more than 25% make their purchase decisions in the store.” Also, “57% of consumers will make their purchase decisions before they enter the retail store.” The one downside for us consumers is that 86% of shoppers make a purchase based on a discount in the store. I highlighted that below to keep you away from possible store marketing temptation and not consumer saving.

Key Points From the Valassis Report

There were many interesting points in the Valassis report. 2 points that jumped out at me from the report was that, “the percentage of consumers using discounts from paperless sources has increased“. That tidbit of information was nice to read. “Yet coupons from printed sources still account for the majority share of use“. This too was a great piece of information from the report. Here are some other key points from the report on coupon use.

  • Prefer to get coupons in the mail +4%.
  • Prefer discounts from the internet downloadable onto a store loyalty card +6%.
  • Prefer to print coupons from the Internet +5%.
  • Prefer discounts on a smartphone/mobile device +8%.
  • Websites used to search for coupons +15%.
  • Parents are more likely than all consumers to indicate that coupons and deals influence their store selection.
  • 91% of parents say that they decide which store to shop based on where they can use paper coupons.
  • 87% of parents decide where to shop based on where they can use paperless discounts received on their smartphone/mobile device or downloaded to their loyalty cards.
  • Hispanic & African American coupon use is on the rise and shoppers purposefully plan with coupons.
  • In-store influence motivates consumers to deviate from their list (CAREFUL SHOPPERS).
  • 86% of shoppers make a purchase based on a discount in the store.

*Note – Red is used to point your attention to possible store marketing and not consumer savings.

Final Thoughts

The Valassis report was quiet interesting and very informative. I enjoyed reading that multi culturally coupon use is on the rise. That, in my opinion, is a very smart decision as long as the discounted temptation in-store doesn’t influence your purchasing decisions so you end up spending more money. People tend to think a sale is a sale without really seeing the bigger picture which is usually benefiting the store and not the consumer. Anyway, it was nice to learn that consumers like you and me are looking to various websites such as CouponLaLa for savings. Hopefully coupon use will be even better in 2018 so that you and I can save our money and use it in more important areas in our lives.

To download and read the report please visit Valassis.