This is it, coupon myths debunked is our first article. We thought it would be appropriate to start with debunking coupon myths because it is important to help spread the good word of couponing. It seems that, even with all of these coupon sites in the world, there are still a lot of misconceptions about it. I see no reason to pay more for something that could potentially cost less. Not surprising, there is a 3 part equation to becoming wealthy: make money, invest as much as you can and spend less. Coupons will help you spend less but maybe you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of couponing just yet. Well, let’s take those nasty coupon myths and debunk them right now.

Coupon Myth #1 Stores Lose Money Accepting Coupons

Get ready to smile. It should please you to know that your favorite store that you shop in all of the time doesn’t lose a dime when you use those money saving coupons. In fact, they end up making more money when you use coupons. You don’t believe me? Take a look at the photo on the left. It is the back of an actual coupon from my coupon box. The fine print reads, “Manufacturer pays coupon value plus 8¢…”

That means that not only does the store get reimbursed the entire amount of the coupon, it also will receive 8 cents per coupon redeemed from the product manufacturer. It looks like a win win to me.

Coupon Myth #2 It’s Embarrassing to Use Coupons

Do you want to know what is more embarrassing? It’s more embarrassing to tell your friends and family you overpaid for something that you could have easily saved money on. Let’s imagine you bought a new car and you realize that had you brought in the store advertisement you could have paid $2000 less for it. Whether you know it or not everyone would think you got a bad deal if they found out you overpaid.

The reality is there is an unfortunate stigma that is placed on people who try to save or budget their money. The fact is every company, organization and business in this world is looking for ways to save money and they are probably doing it right this minute. So, clip your coupons, save your money and use it for other more enjoyable things.

Coupon Myth #3 Low Value Coupons are Not Worth Clipping

Never think of the dollars and cents that you will save. That type of thinking can undermine your couponing work. Rather, think in terms of the percent saving per item. For example, if you are looking to buy an item that costs $1 and you have a coupon that can potentially save .25¢ then you will be looking at a savings of 25%. 25¢ might not seem like a lot but 25% is HUGE.

Coupon Myth #4 It Takes Too Much Time to Clip Coupons

Everything we do in life takes time and the more we do an activity the more efficient we become at it. Couponing is no different. That is why it will be necessary to systematically set yourself up as a time saving money saving couponer. And once you get in the habit of couponing intelligently you will be extremely happy with all of the money you are saving.

Coupon Myth #5 You Have to Buy in Bulk to Use Coupons

Some coupons require you to buy in bulk. For example the other day I had a coupon for ice cream and misread the label. It stated that I needed to buy 3 pints of ice cream to receive my savings. While I love my ice cream from time to time it does me no good spending money on something that has no health value to me or my family. So, I didn’t buy it. On the contrary, when I have a coupon that requires me to buy more of something I need like toilet paper or tooth paste I stock up.

I personally always suggest to use your coupons wisely and buy in bulk when it benefits you and your family.

Coupon Myth #6 It Will Cost You Too Much Money to Use Coupons

Nowadays coupons can be found online and directly used off of your phone. So, there is no expense for clipping coupons unless you specifically bought your device for that reason alone. Surely that isn’t the case but one never knows. While the ink, paper and scissors you bought to clip your coupons are an expense you will find it is only part of doing business and will pay for itself in no time at all. In fact, I would bet that in 2 to 3 trips to the grocery store you will have paid off the items you had to buy to clip your coupons.

Coupon Myth #7 Coupons are Only Available for Products You Don’t Normally Buy

There are thousands of coupons around and they are constantly changing but you will be surprised how many items you can find discounted from a coupon. Never assume your item isn’t discounted. Take a few minutes and look for it as the potential savings can be huge. If you don’t find it then chances are you will find one soon. And, just as a note while I love coupons I will rarely sacrifice my favorite brands of foods because I have found a competitor’s coupon. I love using coupons but only for the things I need and like.

Coupon Myth #8 You Can’t Be Brand Loyal and Use Coupons

This just isn’t true. There are thousands of companies that spend a large amount of money on attracting customers from their coupon campaigns. In fact, I rarely find a company who doesn’t have some sort of coupon, savings or sale that you can benefit from. All you have to do is look.

Coupon Myth #9 Its Cheaper to Buy Generic Than Using Coupons

Some generic brands are going to be cheaper but not always. Check first because you might be pleasantly surprised. However, as I said above I personally rarely sacrifice my favorite brands of foods because I have found a competitor’s coupon. That means that you have to do what is best for you and your family. So, if you like a particular generic brand or you must buy generic to save money then that is always the better option for you. Remember couponing is a lifestyle that compliments rather than compromises your life.

Coupon Myth #10 Coupons are Illegal & a Form of Cheating

You know what should be illegal? Overspending! It’s a shame that people believe that couponing is illegal because it is not. Yes you must follow the rules that are applicable to the coupon and the store you are shopping at but couponing is far from illegal. Remember that retailers, companies and businesses use coupons as a way to bring in customers so if you look at it from their point of view you will realize it is just a normal way of doing business.

Final Thoughts

Those are just some of the coupon myths debunked. I am sure you can find more myths out there and I am sure I can debunk those too. I enjoy couponing but do yourself a favor and write down the amount of money you are saving from doing so. You will truly enjoy watching the money saved add up.

Then take that money and enjoy it wisely.