Let me make this clear. I never file a complaint with a company unless I truly have a complaint that needs to be filed. Some people like to file a complaint to get free things like coupons but not me. In my opinion that is just bad karma. However, if I truly have to file a complaint I have no problem doing so. Complaining is information that a company uses to fix a problem and make their customers happy. So, when I have an issue with a company I do my very best to be nice and complain to get coupons.


How I Was Able to Complain to Get Coupons

This is a true story. It was a Friday night and my family and I were sitting down to watch a movie on the couch. During the movie I felt thirsty so I got up to get myself a glass of Tropicana orange juice mixed with seltzer. When I went to get the large jug it slipped from my hand and smashed into pieces. Let me be clear. The bottle was completely destroyed as if someone shot it with a bullet. To boot, the bottle was nearly full and, so naturally, there was juice EVERYWHERE. I yelled and threw out a few expletives under my breath and told my family to let me deal with the mess. I then cleaned up, more times than I care to mention as OJ is very sticky, and then sat back down to watch the remainder of the movie. While I was watching the movie my mind started to wonder and I thought to myself that bottle should not have exploded. In fact, companies spend millions of dollars ensuring their products are able to be shipped from factory to store to customer without incident. That is when I said I was going to email Tropicana directly to express my frustration with their bottle. Here is what I wrote.

Hi I recently bought an Original No Pulp Orange Juice 89 FL OZ JUG. When I was putting it away it slipped out of my hand and the bottom ripped open causing the entire product to spill out. I would like to think your products are made from materials that don’t break when they accidentally fall. Could you please advise? Thanks.

Here is what they wrote back.

Thank you for sharing your experience with Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice. We’re sorry your recent purchase of the product ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­broke. We’ve done extensive testing, including “drop tests,” so we are concerned to hear this happened. I’m not exactly sure what happened but thanks for reporting it so it so our packaging group can further investigate. I’m sharing a full report of your experience with quality assurance. To help me do so, please use the link below to let us know: * the UPC Purchase Seal number (barcode) from back label. It should begin with 48500. * the Best If Used Before Date from the back label. * the production code after the Best If Used Before Date. * the name and address of the store from which you purchased the product. * the approximate date of your purchase as well as the date when you noticed the problem first. To replace your purchase, I’m sending full value coupons. Please look for them to arrive via the mail in about a week. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We hope you can continue to enjoy our products in the future. I look forward to your reply. Dan Tropicana Consumer Relations A Division of PepsiCo Ref# 063674654A

Naturally I was happy to hear that we were going to get a coupon for the broken Tropicana OJ, but I was pleasantly surprised when 4 coupons came in the mail and not just 1. Tropicana is a multi billion dollar industry so it’s no skin off their backs to mail their unsatisfied customers coupons. All I had to do was be honest and friendly and the rest fell into place. Literally!

Final Thoughts

I understand that I dropped the OJ and that technically it was my fault. I also know that Tropicana and their company pride themselves in making great products that are able to handle multiple different real life situations such as falls. That is why I reached out to them to express my concern. Imagine if every time someone dropped a Tropicana product it would break and they did nothing about it. Their customer base would slowly turn their backs on them and their bottom line would suffer. So, be honest and polite and never give up the opportunity to complain to get coupons if need be.