Wait! Never forget about coupons that come in the mail because those can have the biggest savings. $1 off of an item might not sound great because most people don’t look at $1 as a lot of money, but don’t just focus on the amount of money you are potentially saving, focus on the percentage savings instead. $1 off of a $10 item is a 10% savings which is enough of a savings to warrant looking for free coupons by mail.

Email the Company Directly

If you are looking to buy a particular item and you know exactly what brand you are looking for, I suggest you email the company directly to see if they can send you a coupon in the mail. If you decide to go this route to get a coupon make sure you are personal and polite. Here are some key points you will want to add to your email.

Include the following:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your mailing address (they have to know where you live to send you coupons!)
  3. And your personal message

Your message should be polite, personal and to the point. Naturally the company doesn’t need to send you a coupon in the mail because you reached out to them but it never hurts to try.

My sample letter would look like this:

Dear (company name),

Hi, My name is John Doe and I wanted to tell you how much I love your (product). In fact, I love it so much I buy (product) it all year round. I would love to know if there is a way that you could send a happy customer some coupons or add me to your mailing list for future coupons so I can continue enjoying your (product).


John Doe
456 Main Street
State, US, 45678

Join Their Newsletter

Companies run promotions all the time and sending free coupons by mail is usually a great way for these companies to keep their products in your thoughts. That is why joining their newsletter will keep you informed when there are new sales for them to advertise. Also, companies usually reward their customers as a thank you for signing up so don’t forget to sign up to their newsletter.

Like Them on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to stay informed with upcoming coupons but liking them can also get you a few free coupons as well. Head over to your favorite company’s Facebook page and click like and read their description. 9 out of 10 times you can find some great deals just reading their Facebook postings.

Make a Complaint

Let me be clear. Only file a complaint if there is a valid complaint to be filed. Recently I had to file a complaint with a company because I was very unhappy. Let me explain. I bought some Haagen Dazs ice cream for my son from a store that was a bit of a distance from my house. When I got home I noticed that the ice cream was bad. I could have taken the ice cream back to the store but it was so far out of my way it wasn’t worth the trip. So, I contacted Haagen Dazs directly and sent them photos of the sour ice cream. Within 48 hours they sent me a huge apology and told me they would send 4 free coupons in the mail. That more than made up for the inconvenience. Arguably you can say that the store that sold the ice cream to me was at fault but Haagen Dazs takes all the necessary information so that they can work it out with the stores that sell their brands.

Join Birthday Clubs

Some companies still send me a free coupon by mail for my birthday each year. I don’t always get a chance to use all of the coupons I get but I always appreciate the thought. Companies understand the importance of birthdays and so they use those opportunities to reach out to their customers with a little birthday gift in the form of a coupon.

Final Thoughts

I can’t stress this enough. Look at couponing and the percentage of money you are going to save as the deciding factor for searching for a coupon. Looking solely at the dollar amount might make you pass up the saving opportunity. So many people neglect these money saving coupons because they feel they are inconvenienced by searching for them or they believe the myths that just aren’t true. Take your time, get into a coupon grove and save as much money as you can so you can enjoy spending wisely in other areas of your life.