21 Best Coupon Sites and Apps 2017

Money doesn’t grow on trees. You can try to argue that money is paper and paper is made from trees, therefore, money grows on trees. But the fact of the matter is that you can’t walk up to a tree and pull money off like leaves. Because of that, it’s handy to know where to get coupons in order to save some of that hard-earned cash that didn’t come from the maple tree shading your front yard.

I am constantly shopping online. Whether it is buying new clothes, workout equipment, or pantry items I can find on sale like peanut butter (yes, I’m addicted), I never want to pay full price. I have my go-to coupon sites to check for sales and extra deals that might not be obviously listed on a store’s website. I’ve rounded up the one’s that I feel are the most reliable, and always have something that I’m looking for, regardless of what I’m buying.

Here are the 21 best coupon sites and apps for 2017

Retail Me NotThis is a website I visit every single time I shop online. While it doesn’t have every single store, I always check just in case. I type the store I’m buying from in the search bar, and if it has any coupon codes, they all show up in one list. Users also rate the codes based on how successful they were. Retail Me Not only shows coupon codes that are not expired and have worked for others, as users submit the codes. They also clue you into general sales that are happening at the store you searched for. This is my number one coupon code website for online shopping.

Coupons.comCoupons.com is something I use when I need to stock up on shampoo or toothpaste, or am in the market for new makeup. This site takes manufacturer coupons for your entire household needs and aggregates them into one place. You just check off every coupon that you need, or might need, and print them out. You may have to download a coupon printing software, but I haven’t experienced that yet (I have a MacBook for inquiring minds). Present the coupons at the register and watch the savings add up!

Amazon CouponsOkay, I confess. I shop for basic things on Amazon that I could definitely get at a store near me. But let’s be real, the convenience of Amazon trumps leaving my house any day of the week. Also, you can’t beat free two-day shipping. So it’s even better when I search Amazon for coupons on things I was already going to buy. Just click on the coupon or item on sale that you want, and it’s applied at checkout.

Living SocialLiving in resort town year round means that once the tourists all go back to their regular lives, everything shuts down. Through the holidays, places stay open on weekend, but January through March is basically a ghost town. It’s hard to find things to do. I try to support local businesses as much as I can, and living in a place that has so many to offer, it’s pretty easy. Living Social presents me with deals on events that are going on in the offseason, specials local restaurants are having, and other goings-on in the area. It’s tough living in a place that only fully functions four or five months out of the year, but Living Social helps.

The Krazy Coupon LadyThis site is very similar to Coupons.com, and I usually end up checking both just in case one has something the other didn’t. Like I said before, I hate paying full price for things, so if I can find a coupon somewhere out there on the Internet, I’ll take the extra few minutes out of my day to search for it.One of the most helpful things too is signing up for store emails. This can also be a slippery slope, because even if I wasn’t planning on buying something, if I get an email alerting me to a 50% off sale, I might end up buying something. But I’m still saving money, so it counts right?

Not only are they helpful in that respect, but also, sometimes I flat out forget to clip a coupon, or spontaneously into Michael’s craft store and spend an absurd amount of money. You can usually find me downloading coupons on my phone on the way to the register. So if your phone is more your style for getting coupons, I’ve also rounded up the best apps for the job.

Flipp – iOS, Android (Free) – I think we can all admit that there’s about a million things we would rather spend out money on than toilet paper and laundry detergent. So it helps that there is an app that provides coupons for those things. Maybe you’ll eventually save enough to just hire someone to do your laundry for you. The dream, right? This app aggregates all the deals and coupons from your local circulars, so yes; you will need to give the app access to your location if you want the most accurate coupons.

LowestMed – iOS, Android (Free) – Prescriptions can be expensive, and quite inconvenient since no one really plans on getting sick and needing medicine. Even if you are on a regular prescription, the price can get cumbersome. This app uses your location, and your specific prescription, to figure out where you can get it for the lowest price in your area.

Yowza – iOS, Android (Free) – This is similar to Retail Me Not in that you can search for a store, and all the coupon codes and sales will pop up. However, it’s a little different because instead of the codes being uploaded by users, on Yowza they are uploaded directly from the retailer. I am always so cautious of sketchy things on the Internet claiming to save you money, and if I weren’t an avid user of Retail Me Not, that’s probably how I would view that site. But having the coupons uploaded from the retailer takes all the doubt out of the shopping experience. You know you’re getting a legitimate deal, and it is also great for shopping local.

Shopular – iOS, Android (Free) – Whenever I go to a coupon site or app, I’m always inundated with coupons for things I don’t need, like baby food or packaged food. Shopular allows me to filter the coupons based on products I like, and buy, and then remembers that for the future. When I go back to the app, it will only show me coupons for the items I have favorite, and like items. If you give the app access to your location, it will also alert you to coupons or sales upon walking into a store, and filter coupons by proximity, so you don’t see more coupons that you can’t or won’t use.

Food Coupons – iOS (Free) – Connecting with friends and family over a meal is one of my favorite activities. However, it can add up. I also love eating local, and there aren’t always special deals on local restaurants. But fear not, Food Coupons is here. This app uses your location to find coupons for restaurants of all kinds. Whether more popular chain restaurants is your thing, or local eateries, if there’s a coupon or deal out there for it, Food Coupons will find it.

Maybe one day money will grow on trees, and then I’ll be writing a list giving tips on how to get your shady maple to produce more bucks, but until then, these tried and true sites and apps will help you save money.

Author Bio:

Jennifer Post graduated from Rowan University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Having worked in the food industry, print and online journalism, and marketing, she is now a full time freelance contributor. When she’s not working, you will find her exploring her current town of Cape May, NJ or binge watching Pretty Little Liars for the 700th time.