10 Places to Find Free Coupons

I am 100% positive there are more than 10 places to find free coupons but the sites below are coupon sites that I have come to love for one reason or another. Truth be told, they are the best of the best. Honestly. we can’t always get what we want for less but we can try as hard as we possibly can to maximize our chances. In fact, we can maximize our chances by 10 with these 10 places to find free coupons.

Find Free Coupons on Coupons Dot Com

Coupons.com has approximately $500 worth of available savings each day for grocery items. They usually have new coupons daily and have a selection of many grocery name brand items such as: Cottonelle, Ziploc, Purell, Dole, Palmolive and Newman’s Own to name a few. All you have to do is sign up with their easy 3 step sign up process and you can start clipping and saving immediately.

Find Free Coupons in Your Local Circular

I get a local circular in my mailbox at least 3 times a week. Sometimes they have really awesome sales on items you can never have enough of. If you aren’t on their distribution list then head to your local grocer and find out how you can be added to make sure you are in the saving’s loop.

Find Free Coupons on Retailmenot

I am so happy Retailmenot came along all those years ago. They really are an awesome free couponing site that never seems to have nothing less than the best coupons. You can search their enormous database or google a coupon you are looking for and chances are Retailmenot will be on page one. The best part about their site is they rank the success rates of most of their coupons. That is cool!

Find Free Coupons on Coupon La La

You had to know that I was going to give a shout out to Coupon La La. Truth be told I truly want to help people save money so they can spend it in other areas of their lives. Although this site is just starting out please let me know what you are looking for so I can add it in. I plan to add a chat window pop up so I can chat with people to guide them where to find the savings they are looking for.

Find Free Coupons on The Krazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady isn’t crazy but she or shall I say they (there are 2) are geniuses because they have spent over a decade growing their coupon community to help everyday people save money. They truly are the nation’s #1 coupon site. From their story to their site they truly seem to care about people’s financial well being. Hence, TKCL needs to be on the list of 10 places to find free coupons.

Find Free Coupons on USPS

After moving from one home to another I naturally had to change addresses at the United States Post Service. In doing so I received several coupons from various vendors compliments of the USPS. Don’t worry I’m not suggesting you move to get coupons, however, after mistakenly losing the vouchers I went in a USPS and asked for coupons. They kindly gave them to me without asking if had moved.

Find Free Coupons on Amazon

Amazon is amazing but we already knew that. In my opinion they are even more amazing because they have tons of coupons at their coupon department. Sure you might have to be an Amazon member and you might even have to be subscribed to their Prime membership service but if you coupon like we coupon you will love Amazon coupons.

Find Free Coupons on Coupon Divas

Don’t you just love the name Coupon Divas? I do but then again we are Coupon La La so that says a lot. Anyway, Coupon Diva like The Krazy Coupon Lady is awesome. Their website is super easy to navigate and with tons of coupons in their database chances are if there is a coupon Coupon Diva has it. That is why it is one of my favorite 10 places to find free coupons.

Find Free Coupons When You Ask

I have complimented companies and received coupons and I have complained and received coupons. Both times I realized that all companies really want is to make their customers happy. So, if you like a product you and it’s worth asking for a coupon write something short and sweet from the heart and email from their website. Your words might not get you a coupon but they definitely can’t hurt.

Find Free Coupons on Ebay

Ok so maybe Ebay doesn’t give away free coupons but hear me out. For practically nothing you can get a coupon from Ebay and save a really large amount of money. As I said in my last article, saving money buying coupons on Ebay, there were 3 times where I saved a significant amount of money. Here is my thinking. If the previous 9 examples can’t get you a free coupon buy one on Ebay.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of coupon sites that could be added to the list of the 10 places to find free coupons above. The key is to look into the coupon site and try to see if it tries to add value to you the consumer or them the coupon site owner. I get that people put websites together for financial gain but chances are if the coupon site is listing coupons solely for financial gain the coupon site isn’t in it for you.